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Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic Procedures

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Woman is getting botox injection. Anti-aging treatment and face lift. Cosmetic Treatment. Facial skin lifting injection to woman`s face. Plastic Surgery

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

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One of the main reasons patients choose anti-wrinkle injections is because it’s a very effective temporary solution. They typically last between three and six months, allowing patients to decide each time whether they wish to have injections once more.

Botox, also known as Botulinum toxin, is a natural, purified protein used to temporarily relax facial muscles. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox has become one of the most sought-out treatments for those who want to prevent the signs and effects of ageing from occurring in their face or to correct any present signs.  It’s largely used for cosmetic reasons, however, it can also be used to treat a medical condition called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Cosmetologist wiping skin with cotton pads during facial beauty botox injection for young womans cheek in beauty salon, side view. Facial treatment and beauty injection concept

Cheek Jawline Chin Enhancement

Discover non-surgical cheek, chin & jawline enhancement injections using safe, natural hyaluronic acid fillers. Achieve a balanced, sculpted look with minimal downtime and expert guidance for stunning, long-lasting results.

The doctor cosmetologist makes Lip augmentation procedure of a beautiful woman in a beauty salon.Cosmetology skin care.

Lip Enhancement (lip flip & russian lip)

Lip augmentation is a treatment delivered by a professional to get fuller more voluptuous lips. Designed to enhance and define the natural shape of your lips, the process is quick and the result instant and injections are administered only by trained doctors and nurses.

Woman lies in bed with led light therapy facial mask and relax. Led light mask for face skin treatment, frofessional cosmetology procedure

LED Light therapy mask

LED light therapy masks are innovative skincare devices that use various wavelengths of light to address specific skin concerns. The different colors of LED light can target issues like acne, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. These masks are non-invasive, painless, and can be used at home to promote healthier and more rejuvenated skin with regular use.

Cosmetologist puts chemical peeling of the woman`s face with brush. Cleaning the face skin and lightening freckles skin

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic procedures that involve applying a chemical solution to the skin to exfoliate and remove the outer layers. This process helps improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, treat acne and acne scars, and even out skin tone. Depending on the depth of the peel, recovery times can vary, but they are generally effective in promoting smoother, more radiant skin.

A doctor of aesthetic cosmetology makes lipolytic injections to burn body fat on a woman's stomach and body. Female aesthetic cosmetology in a beauty salon.

Fat dissolve injections

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections is a specially-formulated compound solution which is injected by an expertly trained doctor into the problem area. It works by attaching to fatty deposits, breaking them down over time. The fat is then naturally dissolved and flushed out by the body. In addition to Aqualax, we have a variety of other products available, including Lemon Bottle and Lipo Lab.

Face lifting PDO Suture operation. innovative technique of New thread lift, cosmetologist preparing to do a procedure

non-surgical thread face lift


B12 Vitamin Injections

This treatment is wonderful for smoothing out the skin. Closeup shot of a mature woman enjoying a micro-needling treatment at a spa


1ST Aesthetic

Facial Sculpting Fillers

Beautiful woman lips with rose. Natural lip makeup. Closeup beautiful female mouth. Plump full lips

Lip Enhancement

Who doesn't want fuller plumper lips? Get in touch with 1st Aesthetic today to help enhance your beauty.

Perfect natural lip makeup. Lips with lipstick closeup. Beautiful woman lips with flowers

Lip correction

Achieve your perfect pout with our professional lip correction services, tailored to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

Smiling lady lying with her eyes closed during the rejuvenation injection administered by a professional dermatologist

Crows feet & Number 11's

Crows feet and number 11s filler injections does exactly what it says on the tin. Plumping up the skin and restoring a smoother area.

Man getting facial injection in clinic. Cosmetic surgery concept

Fine Line filling

Fine line Fillers work a treat to plumb your lines giving a smoother youthful look to your skin.

Dermal Filler injections. Beautiful woman receives hyaluronan dermal filler injections for reducing Nasolabial folds wrinkles

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers give more definition to your face whilst giving a look of slimming. A very popular procedure.

Dermal filler treatments for men. Man receives dermal filler injections for jawline

Jawline Fillers

Dermal fillers for jawline contouring and re-shaping. Jawline contouring is a treatment that uses a non-permanent Dermal Filler to sculpt the jawline and add definition. This can create the look of a slimmer appearance.

treatments available

treatments available

treatments available

Close up head shot portrait attractive smiling indian woman looking at camera. Healthy happy hindu young lady with perfect clear skin and white toothy smile isolated on beige studio background.

Anti wrinkle injections

When injected relaxes muscles, preventing skin from creasing and causing wrinkles.

1 Area - £100

2 Areas - £150

3 Areas - £170

Bunny Lines - £50

Masseter - £100

Top-up is charged at £10, 2 weeks after treatment.


0.5ml - £100
1.1ml - £150
1.5ml - £230
2ml - £350
Lip Flip (Using Botox) - £50

1.1ml - £170
2.2ml - £270
3.3ml - £360

1.1ml - £180
2.2ml - £280
3.5ml - £350
5ml - £500

Smile Line
0.5ml - £100
1.1ml - £150
2.2ml - £280

Nose Filler
0.5ml - £100
1.1ml - £180

Tear Trough
1.1ml - £200

Face lifting PDO Suture operation. innovative technique of New thread lift, cosmetologist preparing to do procedure to

PDO Thread

The PDO Thread Lift is a treatment which lifts & tightens sagging skin tissue, using threads made of Polydioxanone thread which helps Collagen stimulation, and neovascularisation to improve skin texture, fine lines, elasticity & Skin Tightening by contracting fat tissue.

Prices from £150 (per area)

Fat Dissolving

Fat Dissolving Injection Per Area
From £50

Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation is a treatment which uses a machine to convert fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural drainage.

1 Session

Course of 4

Syringe with a patient& x27;s blood plasma in a cosmetologist& x27;s hand for a plasmolifting of a woman& x27;s facial skin. Plasma therapy, skin cell restoration

Vampire Facial

The vampire facial (also known as a vampire facelift, a platelet-rich plasma facial, or PRP facial) involves taking a sample of your own blood, extracting the plasma (the liquid part of your blood), and then adding it back to your face.

From £80

Micro Needling


Hair Fusion

Brightening & glowing

Champagne cocktail

Stretch marks

Fractional Radio Frequency (Morpheus)
£150 (Each)

Course of 4

Micro needling is a derma roller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. The purpose of THE treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer & more toned skin. Micro needling is mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles & large pores Or for adding that extra glow.

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Facial skin is mostly treated, and scarring and pigmentations can be improved. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin which leave your skin looking fresh and glowing

Facial Peels

Milk Peel

Salicylic Peel

Glycolic Peel

Mandelic Peel

Obagi peel acid Peel

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Facial skin is mostly treated, and scarring and pigmentations can be improved. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin which leave your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Skin Booster

Profhilo Treatment



Profhilo is an injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid for skin that is losing its elasticity and firmness with age. It can be used on the face, neck, decollete, arms, hands and knees, or any part of your body where the skin shows visible signs of ageing. There is an immediately noticeable improvement in skin tone, hydration as well as firmness, and lines are minimized

Hair Growth booster

Hair Growth Booster

A designed formula that strengthens hair follicles, and improves hair growth and microcirculation. It restores scalp skin structure and provides hair fibre restructuring.

Portrait of young natural beauty with beautiful skin. Female touching her fresh clean and clear face against grey background.


Plasma Fibroblast is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment designed to shrink, tighten and reduce the volume of excess skin by targeting fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are collagen and protein-producing cells in the dermis - the layer of skin just below your outermost skin layer.

Skin Tightening per area


Rehydrate & Revive
Immune Booster
Vitamin C Infusion
Vitamin B Complex

Prices from £125

Vitamins B12
Per Injection - £30
A course of Four - £100

Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin Cocktail

Prices from £25

A young woman lies and gets a make-up of her eyebrows in a beauty salon. The use of permanent makeup on the eyebrows. The master works with the eyebrows. Semi-permanent makeup.


Lip Blush
Lip Treatment - £170
Top Up - £50

Lip Liner
Treatment - £80
Top Up - £40


Machine Brows

Top up


Teeth Whitening Treatment